January 15, 2018

    A very happy, healthy, and wealthy New Year to everyone.  May all your wishes for the future bear fruition.  Make a commitment to yourself that you refuse to carry all the baggage of the past with you.  Indeed it will otherwise get heavier and heavier by the day. Commit to only focussing on the things that you personally can change in your life (with help if necessary).  Let go of the rest.  Invest time in your wellness on a daily basis.  Focus on the following 10 activities of wellness, namely; spirituality, exercise, proper nutrition, an active relaxation techni...

  • “Dignity” and Hope - World Mental Health Day

    October 09, 2015

    Mental illness will affect every single one of us.    As we progress through our life stages from pre-birth, to late adulthood and eventual death (1) every single one of us is vulnerable to mental illness or its effects.   While we may be personally spared the challenges of having a mental disorder, we may still be affected through a family member, a child, parent, grandparent, uncle/aunt/cousin/nephew; or through a member of our extended family.  Alternatively we may be affected by the experience of a traumatic event such as the 911 World Twin Towers disaster or t...

  • Caffeine - An Updated Series (Part II)

    September 24, 2015

    Caffeine - An Updated Series (Part II)  Key Points: 100% bio-availability Water and fat soluble Consumed either intravenously or orally (foods, drinks, capsules) Antagonizes adenosine receptors in the central nervous system Stimulates the central nervous system and neurotransmitter release High variability in response to caffeine  May depend on genetics, exogenous, or endogenous factors  Part II   Caffeine Chemistry & Bioavailability   Figure 1. The molecular structure of caffeine and adenosine.   Caffeine chemistry: Chemical form...

  • Caffeine - An Updated Series

    September 01, 2015

    Part I Key Points: Caffeine:  the most widely used naturally occurring substance in the world found in more than 60 plants Food/Drinks containing caffeine:   coffee, tea, soft drinks, energy drinks, chocolate/cocoa products Caffeine consumption is common in all parts of the world Coffee originated from Ethiopia (1000-1400 AD) Tea originated from China (750 AD) Cocoa originated from Mexico (1500 BC)   Figure 1. The most common dietary sources of caffeine; coffee, tea and cocoa.  Part I Caffeine Consumption       ...

  • The Health Benefits of Chili Peppers

    June 20, 2014

        The benefits of chili peppers as a condiment in cuisines worldwide have been known for several millennia.  Likely to have been introduced to the rest of the world from South America, chili peppers are now grown in all corners of the world, with more than 200 varieties described. The active ingredients in chili peppers are a group of chemical compounds known as capsaicinoids, with capsaicin being the main and most studied compound.  Capsaicin gives chili peppers it’s hot taste by binding to heat and pain receptors in the mouth and throat (1).  Stimulation o...

  • Do I Take My Tea With Milk and Honey?

    April 29, 2014

    Originally introduced from China to Europe in the 16th and 17th Centuries, tea has spread to all corners of the world to become the second most common drink, after water.  The early Chinese communities drank green tea primarily for its medicinal properties, while the British brought black tea to England after being introduced to it by the Royal Family.  In Europe, namely France, Madame de la Sabriere is credited with having been the first person to add milk to black tea (1). However, the addition of milk and other substances, including sugar or honey, to black tea have resu...

  • The Question of Organic

    February 21, 2014

    As a healthy consumer of daily produce and dairy, the new organic ‘trend’ has been intriguing to me.  We like to ‘save our pennies’ and find the best deals, but with two young children, I am not sure we are making the best choices for our family.  To read the full article, please follow this link to our parent website,

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